Satine |  Χρώματα bandichrom - Υλικά οικοδομικών κατασκευών

BANDICHROM color paints are made with the best acrylic emulsions and raw materials, that offer a big range of velvet colors, resistant to all weather conditions. The right quantities and proper application of our color paints, always give perfect results to our clients.
For indoor (but also outdoor) use. Environment friendly.

Directions of use

We need to make sure that there are no watercolors (paints’ biggest enemy, which usually leads to bad results) on the surface that we need to paint. If it exists, we must use the BANDICHROM primer.

Using BANDICHROM paints, we can paint on plaster, visible concrete, wood and even steel with a spray gun, roller or a brush.

Dissolve: 10-15%/lit